ForceLink : Mobile workforce management

About Forcelink

Forcelink is a mobile workforce management system that allows organisations to issue work electronically to their field staff and receive updates from the field, using mobile phones.
Forcelink improves customer service, and reduces costs (20%+ productivity improvement,
very rapid Return on Investment).
Forcelink is a fully hosted solution, making it extremely simple to implement and get started -all that is required is an internet connection, web browser, and smart phones for the field staff.
Forcelink is ideally suited for organisations that do any form of field work over large geographical areas. Typical industries include: Utilities, Telecoms, Public Works, IT Field Service, Asset Inspections, Facilities Management, Roadside Assistance and Maintenance Management companies.

From the front-end, users can maintain their customer and resource database, maintain stock levels and perform all field work management activities, such as issuing of workorders to the field for execution and issuing work requests or quotations for estimations/inspections.
The front-end also tracks all actual information captured from the field, such as:
• Details of work performed
• Actual materials used
• Actual labour used
• Actual mileage travelled per shift and per
• Fault causes
The front-end uses Google Maps to allow the subscriber to track the position of resources,customers, workorders, work requests and quotations on a spatial platform, as well as perform functions such as work assignment, create workorders/work requests/quotations/customers, and cancel/reallocate work assignments.

Key Benefits


  •  Increase Productivity Improves speed and accuracy of work allocation to field resources
  • Improve Cash Flow Reduce administration, speed up estimating and sending quotes, faster invoicing
  • Improve Customer Service Improve customer communication using standard mobile technology, view and share status with multiple users
  • Reduce Administration and Operational costs Reduce field downtime, mileage and repetitive data capture and entry
  • Low Cost No upfront licence costs, low running costs, monthly payments, pay as you go and scale as you need
  • Accurate Reports Configurable and flexible reporting
  • Technology Choice Operates on Android, Symbian and Blackberry smart phones and tablets, SMSbased and WAP legacy versions available
  • Real-time Status See work status, field resources, customers on real-time maps, drag and drop assigments
  • Accurate Issue Diagnosis Instant feedback from work location
  • Highly Configurable Forcelink is flexible and configurable
  • Fully Supported and Updated Forcelink issues new functionality on a regular basis, and involves customers in the product development roadmap
  • Integration Forcelink is designed for integration, we have experience with direct integration (e.g. SAP PM, IS-u) and middleware, from simple uploads to real time web services
  • Informed by Expertise Forcelink is designed and developed by experts in work management systems,with deep domain knowledge from multiple implementations of enterprise software

The Mobile application in Forcelink is used by Field Resources in order to receive workorder information and to provide work feedback, as well as making themselves available/unavailable for duty.
The Forcelink Mobile application has the following key features:
• Set available/not available for duty
• View allocated workorder/quotation/work request list with all of the details (including customer,
location, details of the work to be done)
• Accept/Reject work (with reject reason selection)
• Workorder/Quotation/Work Request Progress feedback
• Milestone Feedback (ETA, ETR, Completed, etc.)
• Resource tracking GPS (mileage calculated per workorder and per shift)
• Ability to work off-line when there is no network coverage
• Routing using GPS navigation software on the phone
• Workorder Technical Feedback
• Materials Management
• Request Additional Resources
• Bar code and photo capture
• Asset management history and asset hierarchy on the mobile device
• Asset and document annotation in the field (redlining)
• Routing (via instructions or on Google maps)
• Invoicing from the field
• Inspection check lists
Forcelink operates on Android, Symbian and Blackberry smartphones and tablets. Forcelink has legacy
WAP and SMS versions with standard functionality except GPS tracking and offline working.