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One Tree Services works as a ‘Market Accelerator’. What this means essentially is that we aim to accelerate the deployment of innovative services through the networks of Operators. This can involve a range of activities and assistance:

  • Refining the service proposition
  • Building the Business Case
  • Connecting with Operators through a network of contacts built up over many years
  • Facilitating a more rapid deployment of services
  • Finding and facilitating sources of funding

One Tree Services aims to develop strong entrepreneurial thinking through innovation and creativity. The emerging markets now being addressed by Mobile Operators are hungry for the freedom and empowerment which new mobile services and applications can provide but these markets are least able to afford the services they most desperately need.

Challenges Facing the Market Accelerator

At the same time Mobile Operators everywhere, but especially in Africa , are desperately trying to differentiate themselves in an effort to address the competitive crunch of falling ARPU’s and reduction in margin. To this end many are striving for the touchstone of service innovation as the saving mechanism. But genuine innovation does not sit easily with corporate processes and structures. Innovation and enterprise is more naturally found among small start-up and early stage companies .Start-ups are like seeds however. Many are scattered on the wind but only those that find fertile ground will survive and thrive. Addressing all three of these challenges together is the concept underlying the ‘Market Accelerator’ for which One Tree Services is trying to describe.

The logic from the Operator’s viewpoint is that they need to find new innovate ways to address the market and to add an increment to the very low ARPU’s which these markets now offer. Despite their significant resources large Operators are typically not very successful in the pursuit and development of genuine innovation and enterprising services.

The value to the Developers and Innovators is threefold:

  1. The scale of the potential market current footprint of approx 800m in Africa alone)
  2. The visibility afforded to successful ‘trials’
  3. Support in accessing external funding for the new venture if required.