Life lessons from Golf

Like most golfers that I know…. I’m not good at the game but I find it fascinating in the way that it mirrors life in general. A few observations will illustrate : One of the most common problems for golfers is the "Head Up" : Not keeping your eye on the ball through the shot. One might think this is simply a matter of staying focused but in my experience it is more usually a problem caused by trying to  anticipate the result i.e. When you try to see where the ball is gone before you have finished the shot. It’ the same as expecting a result in life before you have put the work in.
A second typical problem is failure to "Let the Club do the work" and the shot loses control and direction :  This happens when you are trying ‘too hard’ or ‘too little’. In life it manifests when we lose integrity in the sense of not staying true to ourselves and our talents. Trying to impress is easily seen through and usually fails. Not following through invariably leaves us short.  More lessons follow .....  


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