Making better use of messaging to enhance communication and drive revenues

Here is another great service which any Operator could offer as a branded service   to increase messaging from business customers and drive new revenues .

In essence it provides a very flexible broadcast messaging facility which can be used by end users  and which can ,if needed, integrate with all top  CRM packages so that it can easily be used by Callcentres and contact centres.

This is a facility which many Operators use extensively to reach out to customers, provide notifications  and to market new offerings. But traditional SMSC arrangements require that each communication requires a customized set-up and configuration. This new service platform offers the same communication facility to end users in a simple and flexible way.

There are one or two platforms which have done this kind of thing in the past but they do so under their own brand and do not offer the same level of flexibility and convenience for end users .


And it can be deployed on a revenue share arrangement so there is no capital risk


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