Mobile Health as a Service Platform

WE are looking for a Network Operator who would like to trial a new MHaaS Platform!

 Project Focus

The aim is to establish a mobile Health as a Service Platform .

We aim to transform the maternal healthcare delivery model in Nigeria by implementing a mHealth system connected to point of care diagnostic tools. Healthcare workers will be able to monitor fetal parameter, glucose, weight, EKG, blood pressure, SPO2 at the point of care. All parameters will be integrated to a central cloud platform

The initial focus is on maternal health with a special focus on gestational diabetes, but in reality the platform can be used for any type of Non Communicable Disease (Diabetes, Heart conditions, stroke) diagnostic, monitoring and education. As I mentioned on Linked-in we have now reached a point that we are in a strong position to implement a small pilot to evaluate the business components of an mhealth platform using a software as a service model.  We need to work with a Network Operators who has a presence in developing countries and we would appreciate any assistance or suggestions you can provide. 

 The Problem Focus

  In pregnant women 90% of Diabetes classified as Gestational Mellitus

  50% Increase in obesity in poorest urban groups.

Risks to Mother

  •  Hydroamnios,
  •  preeclampsia,
  •  obstructed labor
  •  infections.

Child Risks

  •  Spontaneous abortion,
  •  intrauterine death,
  •  shoulder dystocia,
  •  neonatal hypoglycemia,
  •  birth injuries
  •  still born.  

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