Webphone service tailored to an Operators requirements

Webphone is now a common App for Smartphone users in developed markets. Operators in emerging markets now have the choice to take a lead role in channelling this facility or gradually losing attractive international revenues.

The ePlixo Concept

 A tailored "white-label" Video / Audio Android Smart Phone Application  which provides Video, Voice and SMS access  through the internet… with Integrated Social Network feeds.

Problems Solved

  • Differential pricing for lucrative “International Segment”
  • Roaming charges, multiple numbers/IDs, contact synchronization,  access to SMS

The Opportunity

  • Increase ARPU ( timing of ‘LandGrab’ is critical )
  • Defend against inevitable  VOIP OTT apps and operators
  • Increase recurring VAS revenue 
  • Existing customers virally create Brand  awareness

The Potential

  • First mover advantage in key markets
  • New customers attracted to Brand
  • Upgrading and up-selling to existing customer base
  • Reduce churn on high value business customer

Service Outline

  • Voice Video and SMS
  • Shared network address book integrated with Twitter
  • Full Twitter client, access to Facebook and YouTube Social Media tools within the same application
  • Powerful Operator  Dashboard and Analytics

Defend & Advance

  • Defend against Skype & other VOIP substitutes
  • Timing and positioning is critical
  •  High end Personal and SME business targets  are prime potential
  •  Widespread adoption of Android in coming 24 months
  • Attacker service in new markets