Mobile Minder : Cloud Service adapted for African Business

This is a good example of emerging “cloud services”. The service can be provided on feature phones but when it is delivered over smartphones such as Android it is extremely powerful The Business Minder could help you to poach some of the SME’s from the bigger players in your market.

However what I think is different about Mobile Minder is the “integrated” supervision facility that it offers: i.e. it is not so much tracking and locating ( which many applications can perform) but the overall supervisory and management capabilities which  BizMinder, in particular, offers.! In particular the opportunity to offer SME Business the capability to effect a mini-Business Intelligence system for their field staff .In other words it can “supervise” a range of activities of field staff through active management of the content of voice and sms. This is linked to a back-end CRM database facility which delivers intelligent management of that content.

Associate Mobile are building and commercialising cloud based mobile platforms for Enterprise and Consumer markets.The am Vision

Create the foundation that underpins the mobile user experience beyond the limitations set by device manufacturers and network operators.

How is the world changing?

The mobile phone is no longer just for making calls. It keeps people informed and connected. am creates intelligent platforms for enterprise & power users. While others only make apps.

One Tree Service is on the associate mobile advisory board of am. One Tree provides am with knowledge and information regarding the intricate industry in which they are looking to be more involved with. With this advices it give am a greater opportunity to focus their innovative ideas through the right channels.