Using Customer analytics to deliver Smart Marketing

Analysis and insight of your customer usage and behaviour

It is fundamental to have a solid analysis and segmentation strategy.The better you can understand and interpret the beahiour of your customers the better you can compete. The data every Operator has is very rich but not everyone is making good use of it. OneTree has  identified a Service Platform  which analyses your CDR’s and predicts customer behavior allowing you to do your marketing much more effectively ( it does the job of an “SAS Business Intelligence Engine” for a fraction of the cost and much quicker)

 The Idiro platform has been very successful for a number of operators in helping them to predict customer behavior and in identifying customer groups that are “at risk”.
 Armed with a solid analysis of your customers it is essential to have an innovative range of pricing plans and propositions backed up with a systematic segmentation and  communication plan for reaching likely 'churners'; high value segments; identifying and exploiting influencers …..and you must also set yourself apart from the pack in some form and this is where the innovation in services can help enormously.

The Idiro Platform Solution

Idiro’s Social Network Analysis solution allows you, the mobile operator, to reduce churn, acquire customers and improve ARPU by exploiting the social groups – and the influential customers in those social groups - within your customer base. Our software uses your call records to build a social network model of your customer base. It then provides scores specifically designed to meet your marketing needs. For example, the Idiro Churn Pressure Score is used to predict churners who cannot be predicted by traditional means.

With one operator, the addition of this score doubled the operator’s churn prediction accuracy.  

The strong return on investment for this service can be proven quickly and simply using Idiro’s transparent trial methodology. Depending on the option chosen, our solution can be implemented with almost no integration with your existing systems. Furthermore, Idiro provides workshops and training to ensure the mobile operator gains the most value from the Idiro Social Network Analysis modules.