Driving Data uptake through local empowerment

Data services represent one of the best sources of growth potential. I can suggest a low cost low risk way to drive your entry into data if you do not already have one.……ideal for an Operator who may be trying to catch-up in Data service provision or who does not have a skill-set in the Data services management  area. The accelerated data rollout option gives you access to an arpu segment that is slightly more healthy.

Many Mobile Operators in Africa are dissapointed with data uptake despite their best efforts to market and drive these services.Uptake is generally good in the main urban centres but can be slow to take off in secondary cities and towns. This is often because the support structures needed for data services ( which are different to mobile telephony) are not in place. 

The solution identified here is one which taps into the power of local entreprenuers and which provides all the support needed for quick and effective rollout of services.It provides a white-labeled data access service for Operators including local network rollout and data service management support and training.

  Azotel  equips broadband operators with the technology and automated business processes required to build out commercially successful and highly profitable networks – anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the key features :

Ø  Based on a ( ‘plug and play’) revenue share model ….data/internet service branded for the Operator

Ø  focused mainly on high-end personal and SME customers ( $50 ARPU and above)

Ø  No up-front capex for the Operator

Ø  Proven Data service Management  and support provided by rollout partner

Ø  Simple, minimum hassle rollout for Operator

Ø  Superior -service oriented module for dedicated rollout of Internet Café solutions to maximize uptake and reach

By choosing Azotel you will be following in the footsteps of numerous other Azotel Enabled Operators. Proof of the model is further demonstrated by the willingness of banks, financial institutions and governments to invest in Azotel Enabled Operators. In essence, risk is greatly mitigated given that the AEO business is following an already proven model. Resources are not being wasted reinventing the wheel on technology and processes that are now available in a box.